B2B E-commerce, the Holy Grail to more Sales, Loyalty and Product Adoption

Do you want business buyers to start buying more and see higher adoption rates with your new product ranges? Get a B2B e-commerce portal!

Analysts say that by 2019 manufacturers and wholesalers will surpass retailers in the amount they spend on e-commerce systems. Online shopping has become a widely accepted shopping channel amongst consumers due to the convenience and instant gratification that it offers customers. It’s a logical progression that businesses will take to online ordering and shopping as well, because the benefits remain the same.

According to Forrester research, business buyers start buying more once they start buying online. As the report states, online buyers who they refer to as “migrated customers’ are more proned to spend more over a longer period of time and become strong repeat customers for the business offering the online shopping facility.

Similarly to retail, a trends is starting to emerge that customers in the B2B world who use multiple channels to engage with a business tend to spend more with that business than those clients who only buy through a singular channel.

Some business-to-business companies have a problem with product adoption. There are various reasons why clients adopt new products slower, specially in the information technology and software space, but this can change. According to the same study, Forrester noted that 38% of migrated customers are more likely to try new products than customers who choose to only buy offline.

In summary, if you are a company dealing in the B2B environment and you are looking for a strategy that will increase sales, improve loyalty and enhance new product adoption, look no further than a Business-to-Business e-commerce portal.

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