B2B Mobile Apps and Portals

Of the top 20% top-performing companies in the world who have seen year-on-year sales increases were more likely to make use of online trading applications and portals. These portals are popularly referred to as ‘Dealer Rooms’. They are sales-enablement portals that sales teams and sales managers access through mobile devices and are becoming more and more popular with business-to-business companies according to the Aberdeen Group.

The mobile applications and B2B Portals give both the sales team and the client access to product catalogues, pricing, special promotions, requests for proposals, two-way communication and more.  This enables client and sales teams to communicate remotely and structure deals that can be signed off by sales managers or department heads which means complete transparency and compliance.

Making use of these mobile apps and online trading portals have seen an increase in other scorecard metrics as well. Among these are higher customer renewal rates, more sales teams achieving their sales quotas, more customer proposals being distributed, increased product knowledge among customers and sales teams, better equipped sales teams, improved customer satisfaction and customer longevity.

Equipping your sales teams with the right technology and mobile advantage can see you increase sales and drive the right type of client and sales behaviour. If you would like to learn more about creating a mobile application or B2B e-commerce portal for your sales team, speak to Expert Ecommerce. We are the leaders in B2B online strategies and development. Contact us today at info@expertecommerce.co.za .