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E-commerce Logistics

E-commerce Logistics is a tricky element of switching on an online sales channel, whether it is business to business or business to consumer. A well defined logistics strategy can not only save you money, but can also improve your overall customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a logistics solution that will give you peace of mind and has a fully integrated feature, Expert Ecommerce has the solution.

We can offer you the ultimate order and delivery management tool that gives you a great view of the state of your logistics component from warehousing to deliveries and invoicing. You can save a lot of money partnering with the right vendors, let us help you to define and set up your logistics solution as part of your overall e-commerce strategy. This service is currently only available in South Africa.

Cross-border e-commerce has become a big element of e-commerce globally. With the growth expected over the next few years and with the amount of international sales already seen in the South African market, it is imperative to develop a e-commerce logistics strategy that will allow you to start trading internationally in the years to come.