project management

Project Management

Digital project management is a key function when it comes to the successful launch of any digital asset or project. Expert Ecommerce has extensive experience in taking a project from the infancy stage, all the way to launch. One of the common trends in digital projects, is delays and wrongful development or scope creep, brought on by interpretation issues between client and vendor.

Expert Ecommerce facilitates communication between client and developer to ensure that the project is delivered accurately, based on the technical specification document. As part of this function both time and budget is managed through using some of the world’s award winning Project Managment software. Here is a list of functions we perform as project managing consultant for your digital project:

  • Managing Stakeholder Dependencies
  • Managing Development Team
  • Managing Project Budget
  • Managing Project Time Lines
  • Managing Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Managing Stakeholder Communication
  • Managing Scope Creep
  • Managing Deployment Processes