loyalty and rewards

Loyalty and Rewards

Loyalty and Rewards programmes are one of the best tactics to acquire and retain customers. Companies that have well thought out and executed loyalty and reward incentives have a big advantage over their competitors. Customer Loyalty is synonymous with good customer experience, but what happens if companies provide service and products that is of equal standard? To incentivise loyal customer behaviour has become a strong marketing strategy for companies globally.

If you are looking at ways to activate a strong customer acquisition and/or retention strategy, talk to Expert Ecommerce about Loyalty & Rewards programmes. We can help you plan, build and benchmark your intended solution. Whether you want to create a mobile app to manage your loyalty system, or you are looking for end-to-end integration, talk to us to come up with a world class system that will see you grow your customer base and spend.

For B2B customers, channel incentives platforms might be the right solution to stimulate sell-through. Some of the world’s biggest IT firms use channel incentives to sell through distressed stock to make place for newer items. Activate a whole new world of sales through a channel incentives portal for your company and see stock flying off the shelves.