systems integration

Systems Integration & Configuration

Expert Ecommerce creates the most efficient and customer-centric digital assets through the integration of business tools. Through systems integration and configuration we optimise your business functions and processes through automating them as much as possible. By doing this,we help to drive down cost and enhance efficiency.

Omni-channel and Multi-channel strategies only become possible with a 360 degree integration strategy where the customer experience is carried through to the touch point. It is vital that the customer is able to have the same customer experience whether they are buying in-store, on their desktops, on their tablets or on their mobile phones. Integrating systems that manage inventory, logistics, deliveries, financial management and customer related issues make for the ultimate online and digital solution.

If you need your systems and software to be integrated, whether it be CRM, ERP, PoS or other systems we can help you to ensure that the process runs smooth and with the least amount of problems and frustrations possible.