People buy stuff online when they are drunk, and regret it the next day!

It is quite amazing to what extend shopper behaviour are analysed these days. Big data and data science have been big tech trends for a while now, but who’d ever thought someone will analyse what influence alcohol will have online sales?!

According to Kintsa, 43% of people buy online when they are in bed, 23% of people buy when the are at the office, and about 20% have bought goodies while in the bathroom or in the car. However, the most amusing statistic for me by far, is the fact that drunk people boost online sales by up to 10%!

Traditionally it’s well know that woman are more active online shoppers than men, but the odds sway in favour of the guys when alcohol is added to the mix. 14% of men have bought while under the influence compared to only 6% of woman.

It’s not all good news for online shops though. As with a lot of other things drunk people regret the morning after, their impulsive online purchases are no different. 42% of drunk shoppers noted that they regretted their purchases, and 21% ended up buying random stuff they didn’t want…by accident! The online shops end up getting excited about their spiking sales late at night, but in the morning they will most likely have to cancel some orders, do some refunds and arrange some returns. Don’t drink and shop people!

Cassie van Wyk is the main author of this blog and has years of experience in the field of channel marketing and e-commerce respectively. He has a passion for writing and sharing knowledge, and does a lot of research in order to bring factual information to all the blog visitors. Feel free to reach out at any time!

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