b2b e-commerce
B2B e-commerce is growing quickly, here is the most important content to feature.

B2B e-commerce is growing at a frantic pace among manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors across various product categories. The trends also indicates that most products will be sold by a mobile-first transaction, so more and more B2B companies are gearing up for the next wave of digitization.

Good content will always be critical to a business and thus the topic deserves a closer look. A survey sponsored by Akamai sheds light on the biggest priorities for B2B e-commerce sites. Here is the list of the most important content features for B2B e-commerce portals to consider:

B2B e-commerce
Survey results of content features for B2B e-commerce

The clear winner is Product Images, followed by ability to configure content and pricing, as well as to supply quotes. Personalised content plays a big role as well.

The ability to configure products also scored high as B2B sellers often deal with products that can be customised and tailored for purpose. Instruction videos and product manuals play a lesser role, and blogs seem to have the least value for B2B e-commerce content.

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