Online shopping spend by generation
Generations shop differently online

You can choose to see all customers as equals, or you can choose to take the more bumpy road and start segmenting you customers. The latter obviously comes with a lot of commitment, both from a technology and resources point of view. However, knowing who the customer is and what they are likely to buy from you (if at all) can save you a lot of marketing resources in return. Using statistics to improve your campaign accuracy is always a good idea as it makes your decisions more factual and plausible.

An interesting statistic very few companies look at when deciding on the merchandising and marketing strategies, is the difference in buying behaviour among Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers and Millennials. Although the growth in e-commerce is largely driven by Millennials, there are certain product categories that are fueled largely by the older generations. Here are some insights into the expected growth per category and per generation:

[easy_chart chart_id=’454′]

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