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Distributors have a big opportunity to increase sales with e-commerce

Many manufacturers have been investing in B2B e-commerce the past couple of years. The trend is to invest in e-commerce by means of launching e-commerce sites for their dealers, distributors and selling on marketplaces.

There is still company buying policies to contend with, which still favours distributors. This means that distributors have an opportunity to leverage their customer base more effectively by developing and growing their online sales channels.

Why do B2B buyers like e-commerce though, and why have we seen such a huge adoption of online sales within this segment of business? Here are some of the major advantages that B2B e-commerce provide for online sellers:

Customer Management

E-commerce CMS systems allow a company to have fantastic insights into customer orders, customer buying behaviours, and frequently ordered articles, that can further enhance their own sourcing and merchandising strategies.


Customers love how easy it is to do research, buy and return products on one portal. With the communication tools that can be used with e-commerce along with ticketing systems, having a single-view of a customer becomes easier, and so does customer support and engagement.

Marketing & Sales

Products are being found, explored and sold even while your whole sales force is sleeping. This is true for markets and regions that you don’t even sell to yet. E-commerce gives distributors a great channel to expand quickly and cost efficiently.


With integrated e-commerce solutions, things like transactions, CRM, ERP, order tracking and more, all happens automatically without human intervention. This means employees can focus on improving the overall performance of the company and customer satisfaction, while the online solution takes care of a large part the administration that is traditionally associated with sales.

There are a multitude of advantages associated with e-commerce, and so too some challenges, however the pros will always outweigh the cons. The market demands the convenience of e-commerce and distributors that get it right quickly will ultimately gain a massive advantage over those that don’t.

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