E-commerce platforms are quite an integral part to consider when launching your own online shop. Although […]
We all know it’s better and cheaper to retain a customer than to find a new […]
It is quite amazing to what extend shopper behaviour are analysed these days. Big data and […]
Most people still don’t fully grasp what machine learning really is, if you are one of […]
The online shopping landscape continues to change and everybody is looking for that competitive edge that […]
When competing for buyers attention on a marketplace, it helps to know how shoppers are buying […]
Facebook is at it again! Although controversial and not as warmly received by all, looking at […]
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ranked 44 African countries on their ‘readiness’ for […]
The online marketplace can be daunting place especially for sellers. This is even more true for […]
Kloppers was established in 1967 as a department store in Bloemfontein. It had a wide range […]

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