Can you guess the most expensive item ever sold on Ebay?

In South Africa only about 5% of online shoppers paid more than R10 000 on their last purchase according to the South African eCommerce report of 2018. The average transaction size is much lower than that, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive item is that you can buy online? You might be […]

Which Marketplace is best for your product category?

When competing for buyers attention on a marketplace, it helps to know how shoppers are buying on each of them. In this segment, you can review the marketplace performance by category according to The State of Ecommerce – 2019 Report Category Clothing & Accessories Beauty Baby Products Home & Kitchen Footwear Grocery & Gourmet Food […]

E-commerce in Africa – The infamous Last Mile

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ranked 44 African countries on their ‘readiness’ for e-commerce. This is based on 4 major criteria which include bank or mobile money account penetration, internet usage, availability of internet services and the reliability of postal services. Nigeria remains the biggest market for online shopping in Africa both […]

Marketplaces – To sell or not to sell?

The online marketplace can be daunting place especially for sellers. This is even more true for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Some companies sells only through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Allibaba, others sell only through their own online portals, and some use a hybrid approach. How do you decide which strategy is best for your […]

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