During lockdown we were forced to adapt to a new way of living that made us take a step back, realise what really matters and decide whether that which brings us joy might not be […]
Ecommerce is a never changing industry. Trends are constantly changing in an attempt to shape the way people purchase products or goods. This makes the future of ecommerce exciting, to say the least. A lot […]
Key focus areas: Current Trend (declining memberships)Financial Impact of Current Trend (How much money was lost)Silver Lining (Companies found creative ways to survive and new startups have emerged)What upside is currently being seen by the […]
For companies selling online the Covid-19 global pandemic almost created the perfect storm. Trends we saw growing stronger over the last couple of years and months were forced into early convergence when countries started putting […]
B2B online customers are inherently online shoppers in a personal capacity. This means that the business buyer is looking for experiences similar to B2C platforms when they start buying products online. But, there is a […]
Many manufacturers have been investing in B2B e-commerce the past couple of years. The trend is to invest in e-commerce by means of launching e-commerce sites for their dealers, distributors and selling on marketplaces. There […]